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I’m coding & designering and I like working with product, user experience, and interface design and other things too. Like everybody else here.

For me in eight minutes (or more), read more /about me. You can also check out what I’m doing /now, short notes on what’s on my /mind, and what I'm currently /reading.

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On my mind

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  1. Latest: July 16th, 2022 — 18:54

    lookie here, haven't posted in a while. this is how it goes when you have a full time job, and not being on parental leave!

    for my own memory, these are things i want to check out at the moment:

    • the SolidJS framework.
    • building a UI frontend for managing static site generators with tauri.
    • my work-in-progress app for reminding me to get in touch with friends, using remix.

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