About me.

I like building things for the web. You’d probably enjoy grabbing a beer or coffee with me. I also like reading, writing, strolling around in cities, playing the guitar, coffee, cooking, and photography.

I’ve been designing and writing code since my late teens (that period seems further and further away now!). So far, I’ve avoided to put myself under one label — to specialise in one thing only — and instead gone for this Jack of all Trades role in the various teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I like all things graphic and digital design, front and backend development, product and strategy, typography and API design, copywriting and CSS architecture.

Since 2014, I work as generalist at Lookback. I came on early, and have helped shape the frontend architecture, built backends, performed UX testing and research, fixed bugs, and have learned tons about working in a small startup. We’ve gone from being a small group with loose product focus to being a tight team with laser focus on the mission. I’ve loved and love being part of that journey.

My day-to-day duties include being lead for the product team at Lookback, as well as building our web based products. I’ve enjoyed writing a lot of Typescript in the Functional Reactive pattern recently, with a dash of React. After writing HTML and CSS for around a decade using various techniques and dogmas, I’m really interested in building scalable frontends these days. That includes component based thinking and functional CSS. On the backend side of things, I’ve learned more about GraphQL recently. I helped shape Lookback’s initial GraphQL server, which now has grown to a central piece in our infrastructure.

As for non-tech things in startups, I’ve become more and more interested in the methods of leading teams and how to work smarter. That is, how the well-being of each team member is kept central while the work can progress in a smooth way.

I love traveling. I lived in Canada for a year before university, where I went completely offline and worked as a barista. In September 2015, I embarked upon this nomad thing of traveling the world while working remote. So far, I’ve lived and worked in Vienna, London, San Francisco, New York, Montréal, Asunción, Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, and Lisbon. Keep an eye out on Now for updates. As of January 2018, I’ve settled in Stockholm, Sweden.

Writing is something I try to do more and more (been posting pieces here since 2010). I’ve had a blog since my mid teens and I’m currently experimenting with much shorter texts to lower the ambition but increase the Time To Publish.

As always, I love getting emails and talk with people. Reach me at [email protected] about anything.