Updated on from Stockholm, Sweden.

Since the last update…

…I’ve had over a year of both regular family life things, and other stuff such as travel.

Our daughter began preschool in late March 2022, which was huge in the sense that both me and the wife could do… other stuff (work, etc) while somebody else took care of our child. Insane (insanely cool) if you ask me. This created this rhythm of “leaving-picking up from preschool”.

In July, we received the news that we expected another child, due in March. A girl was born on March 17th 2023. All went well, and we’re so happy. Next stage in family life begins now!


In March 2022, I went to London with a group of friends to meet our other friend who lives there. London is such a cool city. I’ve completely looked past it during all these years (have only been there once before).

We spent the summer in Sweden, both on the east and west coasts. I think we’ll do roughly the same this year.

In August, I went to Berlin to see a friend. I love Berlin. So much. My biggest regret (except for not seeing the band Kent live before they quit) is not living there while I was nomading.

Both me and the wife had work trips during the Autumn. She went to New York (envious) and I went to Lisbon. I spent two months in Lisbon in 2017, and it’s such a lovely city. It’s smaller than the average European capital, so it’s very homey.

The finale was in November-December, when we went to South Africa on vacation and parental leave. It. Was. Amazing. I totally fell in love with the area. We spent most of the time in Kalk Bay, south of Cape Town. We really would love to go back next Winter, if the universe allows.

Coming back from South Africa, we spent Christmas and New Years in the area around Stockholm. Then we went to the mountains for a week in January. The environment there is to die for. I find myself longing for that place during grey days in Stockholm.


I still lift weights and run, but to a lesser extent than before I think. I’m glad I keep it up, but I don’t have the same drive anymore. I don’t keep up with the protein intake, and I don’t go out for runs 3-4 times a week. Maybe I pick it up more often during Spring. Right now, it feels more like “maintenance” rather than “growth” — which I’m completely fine with.


Work at Lookback is great. I’m still learning new things and work on fun projects. It’s an exciting time now, with new programming languages (Rust) and new frontend technologies to keep an eye on.

Currently reading

See “Reading”.

Habits to keep

  • Keep give myself alone time once in a while. Even more important with two kids. Being completely alone — either at home our out in the city — is very important to me.
  • Keep off Instagram.
  • Keep off Facebook.
  • Keep going to the gym.
  • Keep reading books.
  • Keep doing running.
  • Keep writing.

Aspirations for 2023

Re-used from 2022:

  • Spend as much time as I can with my daughters.
  • Travel and challenge ourselves as parents to get out of comfort zones.
  • Continue to develop this site’s looks and content.


  • Do our best to get back to South Africa during some Swedish Winter months.
  • Eat more spicy food.

If my life changes, I’ll update this page. Also see what’s on my mind.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.