Bdgt for iPhone

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Personal budgets can be difficult and tedious. When I think of the word “budget”, I instantly think of tables, pen and paper, balance, diagrams, categories, and yadi, yadi … In the end, it’s all about keeping track of transactions and comparing the total cost of these to a given goal. How is this done fast, everywhere, and easy?

Our proposal: BDGT for iPhone


BDGT is an iPhone app which keeps track of daily transactions and will let you overlook your flow of money. In a simple and quick interface, you’re able to add a transaction, put it in a category, and you’re done. Boom. For now: in BDGT you specify a budget which always is present and shown for you.

The general idea for the app is to simplify people’s everyday home economy, and help you keeping track of the flow.

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We hope to release further info, screenshots, and videos during the period until release.

We, the creators of BDGT, are Tapdudes with concept and design lead by Tomas Måsviken.

Thank you!