Firefox 4 – a bitter taste

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Rasmus Andersson on the latest release of the Firefox browser: > Although Firefox 4 is a clear improvement over the previous version, it’s not the ultimate sports car you’ve been dreaming about taking to the streets. Firefox was the knight in shining armor, fighting Internet Explorer bravely. We’ve got a lot to thank Firefox, but today it almost seems like itself is the new IE. Sluggish, non-native, and not up to date with the latest web technologies is not attractive. Sort of like that weird, anti-social cousin you have to invite to the party. Rasmus further talks about some UI/UX features and drawbacks. I’ve tested the beta, but when I installed the stable version there was this “meh” moment. I don’t hate Firefox, but I don’t love it either. It’s great for development — Firebug is superior to the WebKit Inspector sometimes — but the whole application just seems so awkward and non-native. I’ve moved to Chrome from Safari, and I love Chrome’s minimal approach and its snappiness — things Firefox lacks. Funny how Mozilla fails to get back in the game when they clearly see how Chrome gains market share, and Safari rambles on with full throttle. But since Firefox 5 most likely will arrive this summer, and Firefox 6 isn’t that far behind, Mozilla shows that they’re focused on more rapid iterations. Rasmus shows us a lot of things Mozilla still got wrong in Firefox. It’s a depressive list, to be honest.