Flow out of beta

About 1 min reading time

Flow, the bastard child of Things and Basecamp, goes out of beta and introduces a priced business model as of today. I’ve been beta testing it for a while, and I can truly state that I’ve finally found the holy service that lets me

  1. sync tasks with my iPhone
  2. access my tasks in a quick web interface
  3. collaborate with others in projects

I’m currently using a Simplenote solution for regular notes and text documents, since it syncs nicely with my iPhone, desktop and to a web interface. It’s not optimal for tasks and collaboration though. Flow provides a commenting system and even let you upload files along with them. The project members can assign tasks and keep track of each others’ progress. The great news of today is that a companion iPhone app is released in App Store. That’s a killer: manage everything you need from your iPhone, and it’ll sync. Collaborate, assign tasks, comment and it’ll sync. It’s free, go grab it. Put web-Flow in a Fluid app and you’re ready to roll and use it as a desktop application. Be sure to check out the official OS X menu bar app where you’re able to quick add tasks. Along with going out of beta, Flow is now a paid service. $9.99 per month, or $99 per year. The monthly price is a bit steep for me, but I can absolutely see myself pay for a year (especially since it’s $30 off for beta testers). It’s a really nice initiative from the creators, Metalab, and I’m certainly willing to support it. And they all sync. Heaven is here.