New watch

About 1 min reading time

I got myself a new wrist watch today. It’s from Timex — a brand I hadn’t heard about before — and it’s beautiful.

The model is called “MK1 Caliber”. Here’s why I like this watch:

  • It’s super light. Almost feels like a toy!
  • It has legible typography. The glass it also functioning as a magnifying glass which enlargens the details even further.
  • It shines in the dark. The hands and numbers, that is. If you press the crown at the side, the whole dial lightens up too — a feature I didn’t even know until randomly pressing the crown!
  • It’s not pricey. I payed around $100 for this. So much value, for being such an old watch company making this.
  • It feels like an everyday watch. This is no Patek Philippe or some Rolex crap. This is a thing I’ll use even in rough weather, while skiing or sailing.

The last point might be the most important one: it’s bound to be used thanks to its low price and no-nonsense design. And that’s the best feature of it all.