Old hardware still rocks

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Great piece by Milind Alvares about using older Apple hardware (in his case an iBook G4). I think it’s a very interesting discussion: you don’t always need the latest and greatest, even though Apple’s products have that effect on you. Sometimes it’s about a sentimental bond to an object (I had a hard time giving up my old iPhone 3G) and other times it’s just not necessary to get a new one. The idea of using a “lesser” machine where I have constraints is quite thrilling, to be honest. It’s a minimalist computer where I maybe can’t runt all these fancy, heavy, Snow Leopard-y applications — instead I have to use simpler software and make the most of it. I know David Heinemeier Hansson said something similar, but I think that I work better with constraints. That’s the reason I’m currently looking for an original iPod (preferably the one with touch wheel). Wouldn’t it be nice to play plain, simple music without having a big-ass multitouch screen, cameras, Twitter apps and stuff on it? Give me a shout if you see one!