On using your time

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Interesting and important article about why we should consider the time we are spending on different people and activities. I’ve tried myself to be more thorough with choosing the tasks and things I spend time on, in order to be more productive, producing better results, and of course feeling good afterwards.

From the Hacker News comment thread:

I cut my working hours down to one or sometimes two days a week, sometimes more when they need me more. I don’t need more money than that — and I live in Manhattan (no kids).


The more valuable question is how low are my expenses. I’ve found much more freedom in needing less than in having more. Cutting out what doesn’t add joy to my life creates freedom and joy. That’s what I meant by nothing special about me. Anyone can cut waste. Not many seem to.

Joshua Spodek ( Permalink) When you focus and decide what’s really worth the time doing, I believe you feel better in a way. With that said, it’s important to spend time on not doing anything at all sometimes:

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.

John Lennon