Panic talks about the future: Coda 2

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Cabel Sasser from Panic posted about Panic’s future doings. I was most pleased about their mention of Coda 2, which they’re working hard on: “For the most part, though, it’s all hands on the next Coda. That’s what we’re living and breathing. Awesomeness. I think the next major release of my daily code editor will be really great. He also brought up the upcoming 1.7 release of Coda. Extended support for HTML5 dictionaries and Javascript events, and more CSS goodness. Update, October 26th 2011: Again, Sasser has posted on the Panic Blog about Coda 2. Panic has apparently been working with the application for 1,5 years, and has now initiated the private beta tests to hammer out some bugs. The beta signup form is now closed, but there were 4 000 signups all together (!).