Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" deconstructed

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I think “Gimme Shelter” is a great song. It’s sort of apocalyptic and majestic, and got that unique rhythm and a great lead guitar. But we’re not even talking about Jagger and Merry Clayton’s performances. God, especially the latter’s when her voice cracks around 3:00 into the song. I’ve always been fascinated with the different parts of the song — the individual instruments. Now somebody has deconstructed “Gimme Shelter” — isolated the different studio tracks, i.e. the vocals, the bass, the drums, the guitars etc. It’s really cool and interesting to see what makes a song. Below is the vocals and Keith Richards’ rhythm guitar. Follow the link for more. Update: Are they kidding me? The clips are removed due to copyright infringement. So very bad.