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As with most of us, I love music. It’s around me all day long, in different situations and moods. Spotify has changed the way I consume music — I think it’s a wonderful and cool service. Almost all of the world’s music served for me in an application for desktop, mobile and tablets. And what’s cool with Spotify is the fun things you can do with it, if you’re a developer.

I’ve created Spotimood (, which is a simple crowd-sourced web app for collecting different types of music into “activities”.

I have playlists for different situations, moods and activities, such as cooking, studying, partying, and more. It’s great just being able to kick off a playlist with suitable songs for a given situation. But discovering new music is tricky, and especially music for a certain mood. Instead, Spotimood lets you suggest songs for an activity for everybody to see (and hear).

Technically, it’s really simple. It’s a small Rails app with some tables. Nothing fancy. I didn’t even have to build a bridge to Spotify’s web API, since I’m using their Play Button for showing the list of songs in an activity. It’s a really cool technology, since whenever a visitor plays a song from Spotimood, it’ll play locally in the Spotify client. Really seamless and nice.

So please go ahead and use Spotimood. Suggest and discover new songs. And give me a shout with any app suggestions or bugs.