Subtle updates to Chrome 14's Web Inspector

About 1 min reading time

Chrome 14 landed in the stable channel some days ago, and brings some better OS X Lion support, as well as a Web Audio API and “Native Client” (run C/C++ code in the browser). I also noticed a difference in the Web Inspector. I don’t think this have been here in previous stable builds. In the Elements tab, to the right, two new buttons are added:

  • A plus sign for adding a new style rule (previously in the cog wheel menu)
  • A “Toggle Element State” button

Web Inspector Web Inspector The “Toggle Element State” button is interesting, and useful: it lets you activate different states for an element, such as :hover , :active , :active , :visited and :focus . Before, it was nearly impossible to view the styles when hovering over an element, for instance. Now we can activate the different states and debug easily. Neat and subtle addition.