Trickle: another kind of Twitter client

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Twitter clients come and go, but this one had me at “Helvetica”. Trickle is a client which doesn’t have all features you’re used to. Tweets from your timeline is “trickling” in white Helvetica on the dark screen from the right while the device quietly sits on your desk (preferably in a dock). It does three things: shows tweets, retweets and favorites. Very simple. No profiles, links, replies, DMs, etc. Just plain and raw tweets. I think it’s quite perfect. To have your Twitter stream on the side makes it subtle and non-disturbing. I don’t like tabbing to a designated Twitter client/ to check stuff. Now I can just throw a glance at the iPhone. It’s universal and therefore works with the iPad, and I can only imagine how nice Trickle would look on a larger iPad display on your desk.