"Twitter is the Benjamin Button of startups"

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Andrey Petrov:

Twitter is the Benjamin Button of startups.

Born out of wisdom and insight in our daily social behaviour, completely changing the way we communicate. Soon grown into a heroic Atlas, holding up the world of third-party developers on its shoulders, thriving as the platform rises along with thousands of apps and services transforming the experience. Dusk approaches when Twitter sheds its desire to leave a mark on humanity and finds itself destined to die as a single-feature web-based MVP. A sparkle in a developer’s eye.

Interesting thought. I find it sad that Twitter has become the thing it’s become. Anti 3rd party, strict API rules, sell-out ads business model, etc. etc. Not the small, fun and loving startup it once was.

I guess it’s “You either die as a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.