Unofficial version of Notational Velocity adds goodies

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Notational Velocity is a simple yet powerful writing app for OS X. It’s focusing on speed and just bare-bone note taking — with no frills. I’ve fallen in love with the app, since it also supports syncing with Simplenote. It’s the perfect triquetra: I’ve got my notes in the cloud, on my iPhone and in my Mac. Notational Velocity also saves the notes as plain text files on the hard drive — another layer of backup. The application doesn’t look that bad, but it’s no slick Apple Design Award stuff either. The unofficial release above, the fork, includes some changes to the layout. It brings an iPad like interface, with all notes to the left of the writing area instead of above. That could give more of an overview of all notes (I think it’s better since computer screens today of course are more wide than tall). Other tweaks include full screen mode and a way to hide the notes list. On of the best features of the fork is the option to hide the dock icon all together and use a menu bar icon instead. That’s really slick. I believe that a note taking app like Notational Velocity should be “in the background”, and not some designated app you switch to. You drop in — write the note — and drop out. That’s the reason for my affection for the post it notes in Dashboard. I press one keyboard shortcut and I’m in taking notes. So go ahead and download the fork from the link above and use it as the regular Notational Velocity. However, I don’t like the default dock icon for the app, so here’s a zip with a slick moleskine icon.